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Ethiopian Coffee

We only import fully traceable certified high quality coffee with a policy of social responsibility and
ethically sourced as we believe that our coffees are important as our customers.


About Ethiopia Coffee UK

Ethiopia Coffee is the first choice for wholesale Ethiopian coffee in the UK. We are a specialist importer of certified Ethiopian coffee from top quality farms all over Ethiopia. Since we have very close relationship coffee producers and farmers in Ethiopia, we are able to import the best quality coffee at reasonable prices therefore we wont be beaten on prices in the UK market.

  • 100%, Wash, Natural Organic Coffee

    We supply wash, natural and roasted beans at very good wholesale prices base on the market. So if you want exceptional high quality Ethiopian coffee then give us a call.

  • Free Delivery on orders over £1000

    We deliver all over the UK, however our delivery services could take longer if your delivery address is in areas like the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    At Ethiopia Coffee, we understand first hand the challenges that coffee roasters and wholesalers face, so our aim is to provide our wholesale customers with the support and expertise we have gained over the years.

Why Ethiopia Coffee

Years of Coffee Trading Experience

The Cheapest and Highest
Quality Ethiopian Coffee on the Market

Varieties of Ethiopian Coffee

From Washed Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, to Unwash/Natural Djimmah, Lekempti, and much more

Ethiopian Coffee Farmers

Ethiopia Coffee continue to work
with local farmers even though we have our own farms.

Customer Service Reviews

One of or goal is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied. This is...

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